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My paintings are often gently humorous or ironic. Some poke fun at our fixation on consumption and prosperity, while others focus on the intrusion of technology in our lives. Some of my paintings have been exhibited at Marin-Price Gallery in Chevy Chase, MD.

I always begin with sketches. Sometimes I use source material, photos I take or objects in the studio, but most often I draw entirely out of my imagination. I focus on the composition and color, and try not to think too much about the meaning of the painting, which makes itself clear eventually.

I have used both oil and acrylic paints. Currently I’m painting with acrylics.

Artists who inspire me: Grant Wood; George Tooker; Richard Deibenkorn; Wayne Thiebault.

acrylic on canvas; 24x36"; $1000;
acrylic on canvas; 24x36"; $1000;
acrylic on canvas; 24x36"; $1000;
"Smoky Burger" - acrylic on vinyl board; 8"x8"; $50
"Apple Tree" - acrylic on vinyl board; 8"x8"; $50
"Overpasses" - acrylic on canvas; 12"x12"; $100


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