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We create original music, video, & sound design for websites, businesses, museums and other cultural institutions. 

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Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: Spacesuit Educational Program

In 2014 the Smithsonian approached me about a new project they were undertaking: a live demonstration about spacesuits in the Main Hall of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. This children’s program would feature a Smithsonian educator and pre-recorded music videos. The program was not only held live at the museum, but was also linked live to classrooms around the world. Working offsite for several months with the Smithsonian staff, we created three original songs and music videos, which were shown at different times during the live presentations. 

The first video What’s It Like in Outer Space taught children what space is like.

The second video Wear the Right Clothes helped children think about clothing for different kinds of weather.

The third video I’m Floating Out in Space summarized all the knowledge from the presentation.

Audiobook Production: Original music & sound design for

Although no longer exists, in 2009-10 we created dozens of audio books, writing & recording music, and creating custom sound design for each episode. This short excerpt is from a young-adult fantasy novel called The Guardians of Yeovil written by Chris Hickle. We used guitar, violin and digital instruments to create the music track.

Here’s another short excerpt from a young adult novel called Fiddlefish Farm. (You’ll be hearing about this book again!)

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