The artists at Flying Farmhouse bring a wide variety of skills and many years of experience to all of our illustration projects. We work both in standard mediums (like drawing, painting, and digital art), and in some more unusual ones such as cut paper, collage, clay still-life, and fabric construction. 

Here's what Dan from NYC Pooch has to say about us:

“...a phenomenally talented artist! This has been one of the best experiences I've ever had working with a freelancer. We came with a very unique concept; she was able to take it all in and produced a final project that was even better than we hoped for. She's a fantastic communicator, meticulous, and brings such a positive vibe to any project. It's been a pleasure working with her! Highly recommended!”

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Cut Paper

NYC Pooch was looking for an artist who could make dogs and their people out of cut paper, matching a particular style but making it unique. Paper cutting is one of my favorite mediums. I started experimenting with it as a young teenager and have used it often in my assemblage work. This was a fantastic opportunity to apply my skills to an unfamiliar style. 

I worked with Dan to come up with thumbnails and colors for each scene, cut and composed the figures, then delivered them as photographic transparencies for his web designer to incorporate into the site design. The process evolved as we went and we both enjoyed the creative give-and-take of the collaboration. 

Check out all the pups and their real-world walkers at

More Pooch illustrations

Mixed Media 3-D

Digital still from stop-motion short.  Currently, much of our work is in stop motion animation, but it's a fun medium to use for illustrations as well. We use a variety of materials, including paper, clay, and found objects to create pose-able figures and miniature environments, which are then photographed. While hundreds of these photographs strung together make a stop-motion piece, single shots make unique and fantastic illustrations. Storyboards and character/set designs are drawn in pencil or laid out as white models for your approval prior to building. 

Soft plasticene clay over foil armatures.


“Dragon” - pencil illustration for children’s book. Pencil is the artists’ first medium because of its ability to quickly sketch out ideas. But detailed pencil illustrations have their own charm. This illustration was for a book that was never published.


Alien characters for “Window in My Heart” stage performance. My children’s performance is about an alien who gets bullied by other alien children. I created 60” high cutout stage props, and these were the designs, created on Adobe Draw for iPad.

More illustrations from this show, and a stage photo.


Design for advertising materials for an early learning music series. Created in Adobe Draw for iPad.

Pen & Ink

Design for plasma-cut metal sign. A sign maker scanned this pen & ink illustration to plot and cut a sign made of one piece of  ½” thick stainless steel, which was about 24” wide.

Mixed Media 3-D

Storyboard illustrations for a video project.  For this kind of illustration we create "puppets" out of clay or paper and build miniature environments to pose them in. The final illustration is delivered as a photograph. Storyboards and character/set designs are drawn in pencil or laid out as white models for your approval prior to building. 

This process is particularly useful for story illustrations. Unlike drawing or painting where each illustration must be rendered separately, the “puppet” process allows us to re-position the same figures over and over again without having to recreate the character & setting each time. Versatile and unique!

Fabric and clay over wire armatures with found object details.

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